$15 Multisensor help


Not sure where to ask but found the new forum so figured i’d try here first.

I recently made the $15 multi sensor as seen in one of your videos. I got all the bits from aliexpress via your suggested links. Everything works OK except the temp and humidity sensor. It reports nothing, sometimes it will trip out and say like -3412421 and then go back -23.5. If i watch the serial input in Arduino it just sits at 0.00 for all values (temp, humid, real).

What’s even wierder is I left it plugged in for a few days while I tried to look into what is going on, when i checked it 10am the other day it had reported all 3 values correctly, once, but never again? I have 2 Identical sensor setups and on both boards/sensors i have the same issues with the temp/humid sensor.

I’ve checked with a multimeter that the connections are valid so i’m really out of ideas on the next steps to figure out what is wrong.

The only thing with both my multisensors is I did not purchase the RGB LED as i did not need/want it. I’m unsure if this would cause issues in the code? but i didn’t think it would.

What version of the code are you on? If on the latest, go back to GitHub and see the history of the code, pick the one that says ‘initial commit’. That should help by going back to the initial code that Ben made.

Hope it helps,