Ben, where have you been?! | BRUH Automation

“mic check. Testing 1,2.3.”

Uh, yo. Ben here and it’s been 125 days since I posted my last video. 😓 That’s not a number I’m happy with. I live with a perpetual cringe because I have unable to release content regularly for like the past two years.

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Great to have you back in the community Ben! You’re videos were what got me started with Home Assistant a couple/few years back and without them I can’t say I would have gotten as far as I have. I’m looking forward to seeing your new content and the projects you’ve put together. Also, ESP-Home and Node-Red are revolutionary in my opinion, they make it so quick and easy to make and create. I hope you’ll have some videos including both! Anyway, I’m sure I can speak for many when I say we’re glad to have you back around.


Awesome! Looking forward to your videos, they were really a inspiration for my own YouTube Channel (in brazillian portuguese tho).

Could you also share those nice YouTube sensors you got going on that image?

I would super like to hear about how you integrated with Google assistant. I have all kinds of Google homes, but the most I’ve done is integrate with Nabu Casa. Very interested in hearing what else I could do.

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Thanks much. Sorry to be a ghost. Looking forward to getting some actual content out soon so we can have something to talk about. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for sticking around!

For sure! I’m using the REST sensor component to call the Youtube Data API V3.

Right now I’m bouncing off Google’s daily quota (20k per day) even those these sensors are only updating every 15 minutes. I’m digging into it tonight, but on a quick Google it looks like a the quota limit has to do with returned entries on the search (not the actual number of searches initiated). So, hypothetically, you can bounce off the quota in just a few searches (as I am doing now evidently :man_shrugging:

All that to say, let me get it nailed down and I’ll try and get a post up about that as soon as I can.

Looking forward to your videos again… I consider myself an OG in the HA world and I completely started out with your videos… (How to install HASS on a Pi) so looking forward to your active participation again!

Wow i WAS following, Have been since day one. however every post now be it twitter or now this one we get the whole spin that stuff is about to start again then nothing again for a month or 2 then another post that stuff is about to start again then yet again no post for a month or 2 and it just continues.
Far out man just tell people your are no longer doing it or if my some very remote chance you are it would not take much to do a 5 minute update post once a week or something…
If you really want content jump onto DRZzzz, Digiblur, Thehookup, ect these guys are actually active not just posting once every couple of months saying SOON.

Can’t wait Ben looking forward to more videos!!

Ben - thanks for all that you do it is hugely appreciated by so many of us! Stop beating yourself up and keep up the great work. You got me into HA a couple of years ago and kept me sane when things got confusing. Everything worked well with my setup until something broke MQTT 3 or 4 weeks ago and I’ve been chasing my tail ever since with various new installs - but your super enthusiastic hassio content inspires me to carry on. It is really good to know you are back and have been so busy - I’ll be following the new content with interest - and gratitude! - Nick

Don’t worry Ben. Hope to see a vid soon, but priority is that you are well and ok.

It has been disappointing waiting on content from Ben. However, I value the accuracy, detailed step-by-step and explainations. Not to mention the well thought-out methology behind each lesson. I don’t know him personally, but I think classifying Ben as a perfectionist would be accurate. Perfection takes time, but it’s worth the wait. Not to mention, sharing his knowledge is a generous gift of his time. It’s not his job. Real life takes priority. If you value faster content, that’s your preference. I see no reason to share your discouraging comments on his site. Which is ironic in itself since you’re no longer a follower. Additionally, while followers are waiting for the next video, Ben has been present and engaged on this forum.

Thanks for sharing the other resources though. I will check them out. I do not care for Dr Zzz. The head is so distracting. That’s my preference. But I respect his style and will not be criticizing him for it on his forums or video comments.

I’m looking forward to Part 2 YouTube video of setting up Hass.IO (Hopefully including a section for adding a Z-wave USB) as I’m having troubles with Hassbian.

Bruh. 9 months. plus the 125 days. theres another year. looks like you done another runner. you got a load of us into this scene including myself with your original videos so i was excited to see more.
But man what is the go? couple of random im back videos then a video bagging out another youtuber and you do the whole vanishing act all over again not even responding to anyone. Atleast make a post saying your not doing it anymore so people actually know not to expect anything instead of the posts promising stuff then dead silence for months.

@bruhautomation where have you been??? people in the discord are wondering

9 months since the last reply. And that’s TECH years. In human years Ben has been out of this scene for 46 years. If you’re not in 100% it passes you by.