Bruh Multisensor - Sensors not reporting data


I’m having an issue with the Bruh Multisensor where the sensors report null values. Humidity and Temperature always report “0.0”, PIR always reports “motion detected”, and LDR always reports “1024”. The LED light, however, works completely fine and I can set the color and brightness just fine through mqtt and through the HA front-end.

On the HA forum somebody else reported the same problem, which was fixed by changing the line in the PubSubClient.h library from…


… to…


… however I had already done that. I deleted the library, reinstalled it, made the change, recompiled and reflashed the chip. Same result: sensors all fail to report real data.

I thought maybe it could be related to a mqtt version issue, but my broker and the multisensor are both set to 3.1.1. I’m not quite sure where to hunt. Would love some suggestions!