Help and questions

Good Morning or Afternoon Ben

I hope you are well.

I have been Watching your videos for some time and they have inspired me to do some similar projects off my own but am new to coding.

I have watched your video on the topological Mesh security sensor network and Your RGB Lights and on Home Assistant and have some questions if you do not mind answering them for me

  1. Topological Mesh Security Sensors

Question are these compatible with Home Assistant or is their DIY alternative.

  1. RGB lights that you did.

I am wanting to do something similar but want to be able to use voice commands to change the animation modes etc using either Alexa or Google Assistant, is this possible.

My Idea below is as follows.

Hey google turn on led light step to party mode, if mike is attached it turns the mike on listens to the music and plays various colours etc if I was to say change led strip to Christmas it plays Christmas light effect.

Can all off this be done through home assistant and locally if using a MQTT broker installed onto HA.

  1. Can home assistant be configured to be its own LAN that devices connect to if the internet goes down. If so how. And is it possible to connect a GSM module to it for back communication I internet drops out but it can still send you information.

  2. I have not checked out any of your code as of yet, but to help newbies would you be able to annotate you code with notes to explain what each line of code does so we can understand how it works.

  3. I have also watched videos on how the Audrino IDE is old tech and how either Micro Python or circuit python is the way forward. What are your thoughts.

Kind regards


From the UK