Make a video! It's may

Make a video!!! It’s may

It’s june now, but I’m on it! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Good have you heard about dataplicity?
You can port forward homeassistant without opening any ports on your router. I made a tutorial about it here

Nice! I have - used it for a bit back in the day. It worked well! I ultimately opted to setup for a Caddy Reverse proxy.

The biggest driver was the simplicity with the Caddy Add-on in HassIO. I liked being able to externally access all the HassIO addons via a HTTPS tunnel even though I ran all of those server side without SSL enabled.

These days I opt for either direct VPN connections into my home or using the NabuCasa integration. It’s so much easier and the new(ish) ingress HassIO feature restores all the functionality I used to have back in the day.

It’s August - er September! Looking forward to getting started 2019 HASS 101, or whatever it will be called.
Took the jump into HASS.IO - got it loaded. The configuration seems to be done differently, now.
Tried Adding SSL and SAMBA (like in earlier “101” video and no luck.
Did finally figure out to add the Core Configurator (or something like that) to allow .yaml editing from the web-front end. Always some obscure mistake.
Taking a break now. Look forward to your return.